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Inlets move south.....

On this general portion of the NC coast, it is well known that most, if not all inlets tend to move south, the general progression. It has been the case for many years with Topsail Island, Figure Eight Island and Wrightsville Beach. This soutward progression is further enhanced by nor'easters and hurricanes. People on North Topsail and on Wrightsville Beach (Shell Island Resort) actually built on land that was not supposed to be developed due to this reason. Incorrect topo maps, etc. were the excuses. We don't hear very much about this do we??? We have all seen the consistent southerly migration of inlets and loss of sand for many years, so what is the real problem here? 1.) Are the people building and buying these places completely ignorant of barrier island and inlet migration? 2.) Do these people realize and understand the migration, yet insist on building there anyway, knowing that the taxpayer will have to clean up their mess when it falls in to the sea? (Shell Island Resort = 20 million clams!) 3.) Why do the local townships with local knowledge even allow building and developement in these precarious migration zones? It wouldn't have anything to do with fat pockets would it? Nooooooooooooo..... It is utterly amazing that the local governments will restrict beach usage to people and pets because of the dicovery of a single "Piping Plover" nest or turtle habitat, but can't seem to stop someone from putting up a 3 million dollar disposable home. The north end of Figure Eight is another prime example of, "Build it any place you can find to sink pilings." I've always realized that money doesn't buy class, but this is glaring proof that it doesn't do much for acquiring common sense either!


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