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I agree

Thank you for your comments. Only someone who has been there can know what goes on behind the scenes. The sad thing about this story is that they actually had a convict looking out for another convict. Someone fell down badly on this situation. Whomever gave her a license to be a parole officer needs to be fired, and she needs to be punished in some way for failing to do her duty. That young man was an accident waiting to happen, and probably nothing could have stopped him from committing another crime, unless he was locked up. A young lady lost her life, her family and friends will never be the same, and life for all of them has changed tragically. I am waiting to see what kind of defense he puts up. My guess the race card will be pulled out. And that brings me to another question: why is it that when a white kills a black, it is a race crime, but when a black kills a white, it is not? Makes you think doesn't it?


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