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Every day or too your question come up. "Why did they wait so long". With all due respect, it astounds me at the numbers of people that do not know the law of the land when it comes to any elected Sheriff, anywhere in this country. The law, supported by a long ago Supreme court simply states that the Sheriff, being elected, has the right to insure the people working for him are on his team. Otherwise, he would not be able to carry out the mandate of the people that elected him. In short, he has the right to fire, at will, without giving any cause whatsoever. In short, I don't like you is good enough. In short, you are fired and I am not going to even tell you why, is good enough! THAT IS THE LAW! If one, two or three had said a word, and it did not work out, they would be gone! They, like most of us have families and obligations. In short, until they had enough to turn over and until there were enough willing to take the chance, and until they felt they had an even chance, it would have been curtains for them to step up and do this. How many times does this FACT have to be explained? Have you ever heard the term, "just cause"? That term does not exist at this or any other Sheriff's Department! That is why! My God man, there have been more than one movie made about whistle blowers. Why would they make movies about that kind of thing? Because it is unusual, that is why! Most people, for good reason, don't have the guts to risk their careers. They did. I don't ask, why did it take so long? I say, thanks for risking it all!


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