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Heres an idea

How about we make the punishment for kids who are caught drinking underage more harsh. Getting away with a fine, thats BS. I know of two boys about 18 (guessing they are friends with my brother) who have atLEAST two dui's. Now if that were me I would not still be driving around wilmington, and I know that if I was caught drinking and driving at that age my "mommy and daddy" would not have bought me a brand new 45K truck. Parents need to do somehthing. I understand that you have to work and kids have their own agendas but it is a shame when I can tell if one of my brothers friends is on something, right after his parents dropped them off. Either parents are blind and dont want to believe their kids are into things they shouldnt be, or they just dont care. Its that blindness and being careless that will make your kids think its okay to do what they want, believe me I was one of those kids, and yeah I never got into trouble with the law but I paid the price of "doing what I wanted" and rebelling.


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