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Try looking at police schedules

I also believe police officers and to some extent firefighters should be required to pass a physical test every year. Not so much with EMS, since they can pretty much do their job and still be out of shape. But like another poster has mentioned police officers, unlike the military, do not get paid to work out. That is done on their own time. And if you look at their work schedule, they don't have much free time. They work 12.5 hour shifts which leaves 11.5 hours to sleep and spend time with their family. Suppose they go to the gym for 1.5 hours, now they only have 10hrs of free time. If you figure in the drive time to and from work and to and from the gym along with taking a shower, that's easily another hour. Now you are down to 9 hours. Now they have to eat which if you take into consideration fixing the food, eating, and then cleaning up, that will take about another hour. So now they are left with 8 hours. If the officer has a family, he needs to spend some time with them. And he has to get some sleep. So you can see why some officers might be out of shape. That doesn't excuse those that are grossly out of shape though. I know officers don't have much time to eat healthy while working, but there is no excuse to let yourself get so out of shape that you cannot run a hundred yards. I disagree with those commercials that say 20 min. workouts 3 times a week will keep you in shape. It takes more than that. And there is no reason anyone cannot keep themselves somewhat least fit enough to perform their duties.


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