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What they don't know....

The scheduling isn't easy, but you can give a guy three hours out of his forty to work out....especially if you have a good gym in the station. You can equip a good gym for a mid-size department for less than $25k....and the road is free! Heck, rotating shifts on bike patrol could be a good start in an urban PD. Plus, you don't necessarily "lose them" if they're on the working out on the road. Running and riding a bike don't preclude carrying your shield, a radio, and your piece. After I ran into the "two Rottweilers and a Chow gang," I started carrying a Smith 3513 and my ID when I work out. The problem is that we need to change the mindset, totally. We need to convince everyone, across the board, citizens, politicians, chiefs, and officers, that working out and staying in shape is as much s part of the job as writing a citation or making an arrest. The same goes for firemen.


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