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Fuel Prices

This has gone way past supply and demand. This has gotten pure stupid. I ran a family owned trucking company for 2 years. I saw the fuel bill for 9 trucks go from around $3000 per month to over $10000. They was not any significant increase or decrease in use, just the price. I commend these guys and girls for taking a stand. The story was correct. The other costs associated with trucking is ridiculous. They are charged nearly $1000 per year for the tag, an additional heavy highway tax of around $500, and taxes on the fuel. I would like for someone to explain to me how the price of highway diesel and off road diesel is so close. The fuel tax in NC is around 38 cents per gallon. Why is it at most stores that sell both types, the cost is usually within 25 cents or less. For those who don't know, the only difference is a red dye put in off road to indicate no fuel taxes have been paid. Get caught using that fuel and you get fined by the gallon for using off road on a highway. The costs of the tires needs to be clarified. The standard 11R22.5 is usually between $275 and $325 per tire depending on the store. The very large super singles that replace 2 11R22.5 stay around $600. Thats per tire. Do 10 with super singles or 18 times with 11R. It's not cheap. Now at $4 per gallon, the livelihood of these truckers is at stake. Everyone is taking a hit with fuel costs. But every consumer needs to remember one valuable fact; IF YOU GOT IT, A TRUCK BROUGHT IT. I support these truckers 110%. Hopefully the government will step in, get oil off Wall St, get gas prices down where people can afford to drive to work and stop rurnin my life. John Boy and Billy. Ya'll have a nice day.


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