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Terrific rehetoric....

I heard the same yo-yo on TV, so since you repeated his line, maybe you can explain it. What is "Get oil off Wall Street" supposed to mean? Fuel is a cost of doing business for trucking companies and independent operators. When any other business in the world has increased operating costs, those costs are passed on to the end consumer. Trucking has to be run the same way. The problem isn't high fuel costs alone, it's a broken system that doesn't consistently pass those increases on to the person having his goods shipped. There's no way the trucking companies and owner-operators should feel the pain alone, or that the end consumer should be shielded from the higher costs of trucking. But if you're all fired up about subsidizing fuel for trucking companies and independent operators, you better stand ready to subsidize fuel for the railroads and airlines, ships....mining ALL BURN DIESEL. In other words, the worst thing we can do is look to THE GOVERNMENT to remedy this situation. It will cost billions of dollars (that we don't have) and likely accomplish nothing. Instead, fix a broken system. Get the rates up to match the rise in fuel costs.


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