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Blue Hippo

I agree with SW. People in the "Gotta have it now" USA are so in dept from buying things on time or on credit. If you do not have the money to buy things then you should not have them. Work more or get a better job. My husband and I have great credit and we only have 1 credit card each(ON PURPOSE) with large available credit lines. We use them on occasion but pay them off that month or within a few months. If we do not use them occasionally the credit card company will close them, had that happen before. I can build you a heckofa PC for 500.00 bucks, for the 2400.00 he would have ended up paying i could have upgraded you for years to come. That Blue Hippo PC is probably already low end and will be out of date in no time. Save your pennies, then buy one here in town.


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