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With so many accusations flying, how can Sheriff Hewett get a fair hearing? Can it possibly be in Bolivia? There is a lynch mob mentality amongst his opponents and those trying to cover their own backsides. He has already been tried in the media and public opinion has been swayed. Were you guys just not here in the 80's? It felt like most families were headed by women because so many of the county's "fathers" were in prison for one drug charge or another. We've had a Sheriff or two fall before. There is no protocol for replacement? Sure there is, however, Ronald hasn't been fired. That is the problem with a rush to judgment and swift actions to replace. At this point, there is only accusation and allegation. Just out of curiosity, how many "accusers", "witnesses" or whatever you want to call them, have thrown their own names in the hat to replace Ronald? How many of them have ever spent more than a lunch "hour" at local restaurants on "company time"? How many have zoomed past us on the highways well exceeding the speed limit in deputy cars without lights flashing or sirens blaring? Ever seen a deputy car at a local school in the morning dropping off a kid? I have and it wasn't Ronald Hewett. Have you ever found yourself in a jam and asked a friend in a position of authority, who really "knows" you, to help you out when you've acted "out of character" and made a mistake? We all have. Was it obstruction or a second chance to self correct and be who you really are without having your good name sullied? Good people make bad choices all the time. ALL THE TIME! Have you ever worked at a company where you turned in your time card directly to the CEO? Or, better yet, did the CEO ever fill out your time card for you? I haven't. How many of you/us have ever been under such tremendous stress that our mouths engaged before our brain and we said something offensive? Thank God we were among friends. Oops! Not all of us. Friend, I've noticed, has become a very liberal term. As I know it, a friend tries to help. A friend tries to put you back on the right track when you stray. There was no consoling, there was no, "Listen man, this is wrong and you need to try...." There was just more coaxing toward someone obviously under tremendous stress already. Enough pressure to make anyone take an extra drink, smoke an extra cigarette or whatever it is they do to attempt to relieve their minds. Although it is legal to record a conversation provided at least one party knows they are being recorded, it sure does smell like entrapment. I'm no attorney but, I'm pretty sure that is below board. I grew up with most of these guys and I am not proud of them. Rather I am ashamed that they couldn't make their point in a more professional manner. Receipts and witnesses should have been enough. Sworn affidavits should have been more than enough. And could someone please explain the time line to me? Why did the investigation by the DA's office happen only after the first investigation started? The time lines of the affadavits show that some of these "alledged incidents" occurred QUITE some time ago. Long before the first investigation started. Seems a bit odd. God granted, people do what works, but they usually do what works for THEM. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe not. Whatever happens should be fair TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. All this public display of hatred should stop. Let the wheels of justice turn.


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