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Poor Ms. Clemmons

Your poor sole. Are you truely being serious when you say the things you said in your post or are you like Mr. Hewett under the influence of an illegal substance. Brunswick County has and still is invested with drugs. My concern however is not so much regarding drugs, but the embarassment that the citizens of Brunswick County must be facing regarding what they have allowed the all mighty Sheriff to "get away with". It's your money though, if you choose to spend it on a looser. This is a man, like every other man, except for he took an oath to not only uphold and respect his position and enforce the law, and choose himself to do anything he damn well pleased, including being under the influence of alcolhol and drugs (as evidence clearly shows in the inditement) and take the lives of not only his fellow deputies, family and the good citizens of Brunswick Counties lives in his hands. Thank God someone has put a stop to this criminal. Hopefully, there won't be any more innocent people tortured, randomly by Mr. Hewett and his good ole' boys or God forbid die from being pepper sprayed so severely. I was absolutely astonished that a man who was jailed due to a Christmas altracation with his mother (God Bless her) which I'm sure she thought she was doing the right thing trusting the Sheriff's department to help her son who had a history of mental problems. Unfortunately she had to find out in the hardest way, that her son, who for fact was in an observation cell which a cell which is equipped the a locked door made especially to protect the deputies, so there is absolutely no way for him to harm them in any way whatsoever, awaiting a psychiatric evaluation by the department evaluators. The facts given directly from the sheriff himself were that the only thing that the man was doing was making excessive noise, and could in no way whatsoever cause any harm to the deputies. The only thing they had to do was to tolerate eratic behavior, which this behavior would be completely understandable because he probably wasn't getting the attention that he deserved to be getting, like food, water, etc. The deputies were so ego pumped up that they knew that they could mess with this man, even though it was completely unnecessary. They choose to show there AUTHORITY and big the bad a**es that they think they are by randomly shooting this man in the face and all over his body through the locked cell with pepper spray until he reached his death. I would like to see the financial records of the BC sheriff's department on the amount of money spent just on pepper spray alone, because they are publically known for using it for absolutely no necessary reason, they must go through it like water. How can anyone explain such a tragedy. I consider that murder and committed right there in the jail in front of anyone who was there. He was in a cell that had video, incase there was a serious problem, I only pray that the video will show how he was killed. Being an kindergarten school teacher, I know that I was also an employee of the count of Brunswick and I have in my years had many children with behavior problems in which they may be noisey or cause disturbance. But we are educated in how to handle these maders and could you imagine even putting my hands on an innocent child, which of course is against the law, but what if I had an unruely student and just pulled a bottle of pepper spray out of my desk and sprayed it into his face until he dropped dead. I would be in prison myself. The point that I am trying to make is, why do the members of the sheriff's department under the watchful eye of the ex-sheriff Hewett feel that they are above the law, himself included and no repercussion whatsoever, for their illegal conduct? Trust me, it is in everyones best interest that they support the removal of Mr. Hewett and his corrrupt "good ole' boys club" and thank God that none of your family has ever had to endure such a dispicable tragedy. Sincerely, ME "Let there be peace on earth".


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