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Everyone wants a FAIR TRIAL

I found it interesting that you were concerned could Mr Hewett get a fair trial at Bolivia. I have a similar concern. Can the people of Brunswick county be assured the trial would be fair. With the number of people turning a blind eye to the actions of the former sheriff I am concerned with him being able to get at least one (and that is all it takes) person on the jury that would be a "ringer" for him. I'll agree with you on the concern of a fair trial here. Although for the opposite reason. So, if Hewett's lawyers ask for a change in venue I hope Gore goes along with it, without any objection. In fact, if Hewett's lawyers don't ask for that, I hope Gore does. As the accused, Hewett deserves to stand before a jury of his peers. As citizens, we deserve the assurance that those 12 are truly impartial. So, lets get it out of Brunswick County and then let the chips fall where they may (should).


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