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Ron Hewett

I totally agree with 'Disappointed Citizen's' assessment of Ronald. It's apparent that society has gotten to the point where negative news about someone out weighs any good they have done. No one is perfect, but we, as a people tend to place a person on that kind of pedestal. When they fall, then we are right there to kick them, not help raise them back up. I grew up with Ronald and he has always treated me with honor, respect and someone to whom, if I needed anything, just call him. He has been that way with alot of people. Law enforcement has been his dream and his life since he was teenager. He has cleaned up alot of areas in this county that the previous 2 sheriffs could have cared less about. During his time as Dare Officer, the children just adored him because he genuinly cared for them and their well being. It disturbs me that there are only 20 employees of 150 or so who felt compelled to "take him down." They said it was because of his derelection of his duties among other things. Have these employees forgot that they took the training and went to him for a job, he didn't go searching for them. Who are they to tell him how to handle his duties? Most of them were running around in diapers when he was putting years of experience under his belt. This kind of action for employers is dangerous to our working systems. Yes, employers need to treat their employees with the utmost respect and dignity. But, if an employee feels mistreated, then they need to try and discuss this with their employer, not stage some kind of seige in the media. If that doesn't work, you can always find another job or position eslewhere. Who's to say they won't do it to the next Sheriff? Who's to say other people might get this idea and then there is a presidence of employees dictating how they think their employer, the one who signs their paycheck, should behave? It is not guaranteed or promised that you have to work in that job. Also, those who think that they were wrongly dismissed, NC is a Right To Hire State. That simply means that the way you were hired, an employer can fire you without any cause. Now they are hiding in the shadows watching how all this plays out. What's in it for them? Why haven't the other hundred or so come forward? Ronald Hewett will never be able to please everybody to satifaction at the same time. In the white community, he is not doing enough to stop black criminals, in the black community, he is not doing enough to stop white criminals. He can't win. What you all better look at is the officers behind this garbage. Most of whom he grew up with and called "friend." I know alot of them and can personally say that the things they are saying about Ronald are some of the very things I have seen them do on numerous occassions. What would the public think if they were riding down the hiway and see a county unmarked car on the shoulder of the road, a deputy(s), stradling the ditch throwing up because of too much alchohl at a party? Be careful at who you point fingers, besmurch and pe-judge? It is my hope that Ronald will be able to rise above this travesty. Whatever the outcome, I will still call him my friend. That is what our creator would want from me and I could care less what man thinks.


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