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We hear quiet often the phrase that "probation officers are underpaid and overworked" yet not even a year has gone by since this murder and we are already being advised the dept of corrections face a salary decrease of 10% or more and a freeze on new positions or higher caseload numbers pushing community officer to handle over 100 offenders!. Folks,you can't have it both ways-either keep good officers and pay them a decent salary and keep their caseloads low or else face more chaos and tragedy-Anyone who tells you that they can continue to make cuts and provide quality supervision is being more than a little dishonest-history simple does not support that opinion.So please lets not say out of one side of our mouth "probation officers are underpaid and overworked" and with the other side say "We believe these cuts are sensible and will allow us to still maintain quality supervision and accountability of the offender".It is time stop pointing fingers on one hand at officers and their management and with the other hand take away the resources they need to keep good experienced officers in the field with caseloads they can manage.


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