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unruly kids

Children now a days have no consequences for there actions! They have no respect for there parents,teachers or futher more law enforcement! When I was growing up it was yes mam and no mam! Its a luxury to here that these days. You have children who don't want to be in school so they disrupt everybody who does want to be there. But we cant kick them out or put them all in the same class, because that will "deny them an education". An education they don't want. But its o.k to deny all the other kids there education. Disipline should not be an option. My daddy's famous saying was there were to many children miss diagnosed with ADD. "If we had a problem with our attention he would find it for us". Great suggestion, corral all gang members we can and put them on mansonboro island and let them have at it. No food,no water! Lets see where brother hood will get you then. Let the best man win!


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