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Gangs in Pender County

I guess it's time to go back to curfews for children under the age of 18. On school nites 9pm & on weekends 11pm. The only requirement to dropping out of school is to have a full time job first but they will lose their driver's license. If the police find a child out after curfew take the kid home, 2nd/3rd time keep the kid at the police station til the parents pick the kid up. If it becomes a problem make the kid do community svc, required to attend class everyday & make a certain above average gpa, plus if the kid is over 14 then make him/her work at a job all at the expense of the kid & parents. But you can't blame the kids because they learn from the adults. They are learning from our leaders that it's ok to break the rules if it doesn't suit them, they watch other adults break the rules, relax with a beer or take a drug to get through the day or the parents are working all the time to pay for the increase in cost of living because this area doesn't pay enough to barely live day to day. With the increase in urban growth & a decrease in social services then I expect gang activity to increase in every area.


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