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The problem with these kids

The problem with these kids is the fact that you have babies raising babies parents dont want to have to deal with there kids because it would take away from there time to do what they want to do or instead of being there parent there trying to be there friend and be kool but kids need you to be there friend but more importantly they need you to be ther PARENT!!!! now for our government it is there fault as well they stick there nose into a parents buisness when they dicipline there child and make most parents scared if they do social services will show up and they will be charged with something for giving ther kids a spanking i think we need more parents to give spankings and that will help bring back a respect for authority and as for the prison system thats a joke peoplr aren't scared of prison they get a free roof over there head food, gyms, cable all at the tax payers cost i say yo uwant to keep the streets safe then they need to bring back the day when prisoners busted rocks or built roads by hand and stop making prisons a nice place to stay and make it feared again as a place of hard labor bring back the term DOING HARD TIME!! but that want happen as long as you have greedy lawyers out there looking to get there money i could go on and on about this as i am a pender county resident my self but i think i have made my point get out and vote in your local elections and lets get people in these offices who want the same things andf put prayer back in our schools and start saying the pledge to our flag every morning in schools again lets get a sense of pride again GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!


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