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Very unfortunate, but not uncommon!!!

My heart is out for these people. This is however more common than publicized. With the explosion of the illegial alien influx, we are all at great risk every day on thse roads. They often go in, make one insurance payment to get their tags and are never heard from again. No insurance, against the law and they don't care. sue them? What will you get? Very ironic how we are required to keep insurance on our vehicles, yet we must still buy additional insurance to protect ourselves aginst those that refuse to maintain it by law. Uninsured/Underinsured is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other sections of the policy and definitely a neccessary evil on today's roadways. One simple accident is all it takes to ruin lives such as in this case. I encourage all of you to review your policies and discuss your UIM needs with your agent. I am not in the insurance industry, but I have been in a bad accident caused by a person that had no insurance. He gave the investigating officer a policy number that had expired 2 years earlier. This was in 1986, $7,000.00 in damage to my car, lost work and a back injury. UIM covered it all. The uninsured driver was fined $35.00 for driving w/o insurance in court...I was there.


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