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Answers to Anne's Question

Well I am not very sure about the girls' parents they did however show up at the hospital that morning it happened and were cussing and raising hell. One of my best friends said she heard her dad say in the waiting room that he was going to wear her a** out,etc. etc. along with a bunch of F words and such as that. So from what I was told by my best friend that was there for me; her parents are just pieces of trash! They saw me and my daughter both back in the ER and never came to speak or say anything! So that told me all I needed to know what wonderful role models she has had in her life! My mom works for an attorney and has worked for the same one for over 25 years he was there at her hearing to see what she would do at her hearing plead guilty and so forth. He told me since I couldn't go that she did plead guilty but all she got was probation and fines,etc. how wonderful our justice system is sometimes! The phone number and address that was listed on the police report I guess from her license the trooper had on the accident report was either false or what not because the phone # did not work and the address was not where she lived or heard of there. Pretty much nothing can/could be done to the parents as I am sure they have NOTHING either and the car was supposively registered in her name with Allstate listed on the registration as her insurance company which was also not true she had only called for a quote but never purchased the policy! I don't understand how she was even able to keep tags on a BRAND NEW car that I am sure the finance company will never get reimbursed back for either these people were real winners! It's very sad what me and my daughter have went through like I said my daughter is tramatized I can't even drive past that road without her screaming bloody murder or even show friends pictures of my truck in pieces it upsets her terribly it has almost been 2 years but the memories are fresh and I am sure will forever be in her mind! She should have never had to go through that! Thanks for reading my story and for the suggestions,etc. I have tried everything though. I hired Todd Rodzik from Bain and Rodzik they are wonderful!!!!!!!! They sued my insurance company under my uninsured motorist policy. All my doctor bills and my daughters too of course, medications, physical therapy, shoe insoles, vehicle loan paid off in full, and pain and suffering was paid to me from MY insurance company. Thank God I have my insurance license and knew what I was doing when I signed my insurance papers; I suggest to everyone that reads this; CHECK with your agent; call them look at your papers and see if you do have the underinsured/uninsured policy; it can mean so much! I hate Mrs. Williams did not have this coverage!


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