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Pitiful Parade

I am completely disappointed in the parade this year. It was if no planning went into this thing, at all. I have been coming to the parades since I was a child and have enjoyed most and actually enjoy seeing the celebrities that we have always been able to get. I realize this year it was tough with the strike coming to an end and all the multi-millionaires really needing to get back to work to be able to pay the insuance on the 5 houses and 15 cars and whatever other extravagant luxury they have. I sit on 2nd Street every year, with smaller crowds and closer to the parade, it has always been the place to be. However, this year, it was as if the performers didn't concern themselves with the crowd on 2nd Street. There was no enthusiasm and most of the actual performances didn't happen. Oh, I know they happen and they happen for the "so-called" VIPs in the viewing stand in front of City Hall. They really need to get off their high horse and stop feeling like the parade is just for them and allow all people to enjoy it. When interviews are conducted during the parade and they all have to stop so the Sheriff's grandma, or whatever, can see something, this creates a gap of 3-5 blocks in the parade and kills any enthusiasm or momentum the parade has and then the bands, actors, etc. don't perform for the rest of the crowd. I got news for you folks, there are thousands of citizens of Wilmington and New Hanover County that want to see everything, too. And, when does one of the invited celebrities feel it is ok to either not show up, or get out of his car before the parade is up? I am talking about Chad Michael Murray who was not in his car at all on 2nd Street. I could not care less about seeing him and would not know him if he walked in my house, but I know there were fans of his there and that is disappointing to the kids and teeny-boppers who actually watch One Tree Hill. Come on Azalea Committee, understand the parade is not about impressing the "so-called and self-assessed" VIP's and about the community as a whole.


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