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Just a Thought.....A Wonder!

Okay People; I just got the Brunswick Beacon (Brunswick County Gossip Book) this morning! It says that OUR money was paying him $108K a year!!!!!!!! OUR MONEY! I am a taxpayer, pay my taxes on time and own 2 homes in Brunswick County. I am 30 and have known Ronald since I was 12 through the Dare Program at Shallotte Middle. What I wonder is if he is an alcholic and it listed it somewhere in the paper when all this came out that he was having his deputies buying Burnett's Vodka....why wasn't he going for the gusto and buying the good stuff like Grey Goose????? Making $108K a year living large and gonna be a cheap drunk???? LOL:) I am sorry I don't make anywhere near that and sometimes I even have to splurge to have the Goose! He should have it every day and night if he wanted! I guess he was trying to conserve money!!! By the way what happened to the Ronald Hewett website was up? Now when you try to go to it it goes to a different site; did you idiot supporters finally believe all these allegations are true????? It's about time; have you all seen the light????? Good for you!


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