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Thank you for your comments. They are thoughtful and very kind. And they are right on the mark. I wrote the book about my sister to do just what you suggest should take place. My sister was human, she had her faults just like everybody else. But she tried to do her job to the best of her ability as fairly as she could - which was not wanted where she was. Money and power are supposed to bring privilege in some places. It was bad enough that my sister was murdered, but this was done to a police officer, one of their own. That is despicable. Very few people have walked in this family's shoes. Your words are welcome and much appreciated. There will never be much closure, but there is coming a day when, as the song says, "What goes on in the dark, comes to the light." I know Dee is safe and can't be hurt any more. I want the people responsible for hiding the truth held accountable if we never find the killer. The 'hiders' are more guilty to me than the one who pulled the trigger. And the fight to see that happen will never stop as long as people like you and others care about right and wrong. The culling is necessary to protect the very fabric of this country and its safety for anybody.


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