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Deputies with Tinted Windows

Remember that adage "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." LOL Sounds like "no one's been watching the store." Ron couldn't clean up all the crime in BC by himself you know. At least when he had those deputies painting signs, laying stones, watching his driveway be poured, etc. they were doing something. I've called 911 to report suspicious activity at an intersection known for drug traffic. A deputy was sent, and guess what? She never got out of her car. She just sat there and watched until the vehicle in question pulled off. I was on the phone with a neighbor, while another one watched from the her front yard. We all saw it. I've called for law enforcement before 911 came in existence and had one of the deputies who signed the famous manifesto respond, not once, but several times with similar results, except he'd get out, shoot the breeze a little, pat the offenders on the back (not pat them down) and drive off. The same community took matters in their own hands and put a stop to it. Does any of this sound familiar BC. Sounds to me like at least a few of them did something to earn their paycheck when Hewett put them to work on his campaign signs and his driveway. You know there's more than one way to steal from the county. What they've done is not called embezzelment. It's called SLOTH. And it is one of the seven DEADLY SINS. So you know what I think? I think the deputies have a higher judge to answer to than Ron Hewett, the county commissioners, or Rex Gore.


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