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Take your thorazine and relax

Mexico has laws, just as we do. No one is extradited out of any foreign country ANYWHERE until that nation's due process is completed. The United Sattes doesn't run the world. Meanwhile, please consider how idiotic your ranting is. We gave him housing, medical, dental, commissary, etc, because he joined the military. Believe it or not, recruiters, drill instructors, and commanding officers are not issued crystal balls, and had no way of knowing that he would eventually kill someone. Until he went UA, he was entitled to all of those benefits, because he was providing honorable service to the nation. They have absolutely nothing to do with his extradition. He will be returned when Mexico is satisfied his rights under Mexican law have been protected, and we guarantee that he will not be executed if convicted. So let's review and hit the key point: The United States doesn't run the world.


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