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unbelievable costs for what? and why?

Ok, so heres friday, and its movie night for the locals. I simply came to town to make a deposit with my grandson and walked around the block to slow, stopped to one of the local places to buy a coffee to support local business. Well it cost me instead. I had my car towed. My cell phone and diaper bag in car. I had to walk two blocks with grandson, no stroller, pay 150.oof to police dept. why? oh there contract with tow compy and city of los altos, pay the tow company 371.00 for keeping my car at their garage for 1 1/2 hrs. not overnite mind you. $100.00 just for entering their fence is what the clerk says, its after hours. It was 7:00 and not more than 7:30p did we stay there. This is robbery if you ask me and anyone else. This is legal robbery. I don't understand. First time anything and I get socked with this ridiculous amount. I could see maybe 150.oo but 500.00 for movie night. Please help me understand this and get some of my money back. Its not like I came here illegally or took money from anyone. I am an honest citizen who works hard for a living and always believes in doing the right thing. Im not sure it pays off anymore, Im almost unsure of what that means anymore.


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