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hey genius i guess the new hanover county courts is also hiding from taxes as well huh? they dont accept personal checks or credit cards! they do have a atm machine that charges you three bucks to pull out CASH for them! lmao some of you really have no clue! you park where your not supposed to be you get towed how about read the signs and see that it says no parking!!! im shocked and appaulded at how many people just ignore them or think it doesnt apply to them! here is the worst part of it! the parking at apartments is for residents if they didnt provide some type of patrol in their lots there would be no safe places for your daughters/wives/mothers to park. towing is inplace to protect the resident and NEWS FLASH its private property heres your sign! tow companies are asked to tow by the apartments managment! they cant just roll up in there and take a car! get a clue get some facts! get a grip you got caught have a nice day now


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