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towing crooks in wilmington nc the city is behind it

towing is crazy people cry that they have no where to park down town its true all the trouble down there the bars etc.. a long time ago you did not go downtown to get drunk you went downtown to eat and to shop whats going on people . you see back then you went down town you put 25 cents in the meter and you got an hour to do what ever now the city police and the sherrif dept are being sued over things that they do wrong and the people pay for it. the parking decks they are not safe at night for the ladys. it does not mater who you are towing bills are way out of hand the city needs to do something about it . the mayor owns holton place he only gives two parking spotsfor a three bedroom unit.forest hills reserve each unit only has one and a half spots for each unit .mill creek does not have enough parking spots ,clear run, campus edge nobody has parking spots best buy if you car is left there after mid night earls tows them they will put a car there as a decoy so people will park there then tow them. the person who manages campus edge is also half owner of earls wecker service whats up with that.people can not afford to be towed with the high price of 160.00. the tow companys only take cash maybe the irs should look into this maybe thats how they pay there people cash for working there. think about it people its not right to be over chargedfor bullshi#.the city should do something


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