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Wanna play, gotta pay.....

I love fishing offshore for big game fish. I love big boats, especially a sleek, custom built Carolina Sportfisherman. It is unfortunately becoming a rich man's sport. Fuel costs affect all of us, especially people running big boats, big trucks, aircraft and heavy equipment. The charter Captains love to fish, and they love to see their party's catch fish even more. The average Joe just can't afford to book a charter @ 1700 clams. Even if you load up on the meatfish, you still have way more into it than if you went to the fishmarket. That 1700 clams doesn't guarentee that you will catch fish either. My heart is out to all of these charter Captains as this is their life, their blood and their living that is being squeezed out. Fuel costs are only a piece of what it takes to run a big boat. There is constant maintenance, equipment, tackle, bait, insurance, licenses, Mates to pay and expensive slip fees just to name a few. We have people now that are trying to figure a budget that will allow them enough fuel to get to work plus be able to put food on the table and clothes on their childrens backs. Fun outings such as fishing that used to be affordable once or twice a year will have to take a backseat, if it even gets ANY consideration. For those of us that live within our means, it's called surviving. I wish I could grab my rod and go with them!


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