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This is so Sad...

This is so sad that this family is trying to make Rich mega bucks off their son,uncle,cousin's death! First of all I know if I ever hit my mother which I never would think of doing; she would maybe let me sit one or two days up in jail to teach me a lesson but would come and bail me out. Second of all I doubt she would have even done that knowing that I had a mental problem and put me in a home or something for HELP not jail and punishment! It's not like they JUST found out he was sick and had a mental problem which makes it very sad; but why wasn't he in treatment before all this had to happen????? I know in the papers it says he was in a home before and was sent home; why wasn't he transferred to referred to another home?????? Plus this man was obese and weighed over 600 pounds on top of that he attacked these officers that were trying to see what the problem was in his cell! I don't understand....well I guess us tax payers will end up paying this family a huge amount of settlement and no money in the world can or will ever bring him back....why not just drop it already! They were in the wrong also but just feel like I guess money is going to change everything!


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