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Who are you to Judge Me????

Who are you to Judge Me JAJ????? You didn't use your REAL name either! Who cares about that! Grow up and get a life! It's a comment blog; does it really matter! All these people see is $$$$$$$$ when they should have been worried about their son and knowing he wasn't taking his medication; it says in the paper (Star News) that he had refused to take his required meds. Why did the family not intervene and step in and either take him home bond him out or make the Behavioral Treatment appointment sooner. If it was my son or daughter they would have maybe sat up at jail a day or two to be taught a lesson but not caged like an animal! What a lot of good that did! Now how convenient he dies and now they try to collect mega bucks! Sorry it doesn't work that way; they need to just move on and hold themselves somewhy accountable for what happened knowing his current situation and status. By the way too I am not huge but not little either but if someone especially a 600 pound man comes charging at me to beat me; you can best believe I will try my best to fight back too and save myself and that's what these officers did!


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