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Ballree's Qualifications for Brunswick County Sherrif.

It seems to be an accepted fact that Ron Hewwett will not be returning to his office at the Brunswick County Sheriff Department. However, he may in fact return to the jail complex for, some time. For all those Hewett supporters that would miss his type of monkey business I again submit the name of Emmett Ballree, currently the Chief of Police in Boiling Spring Lakes. Below are excerpts from WRAL-TV, WTTN-TV and the "Goldsboro New-Argus" That will give you a better idea of why Ballree would be a great choice. From WTTN "Mount Olive's police chief for the past 13 years has quit amid questions he used a town gas card for personal use. Town manager Charles Brown says Emmett Ballree resigned Friday afternoon. Ballree had been chief for 13 years, and served a total of 22 years with Mount Olive." From WRAL "Mount Olive, N.C. — The police chief of Mount Olive has resigned amid allegations that he used a town credit card at a gas station to fill the tank of his personal vehicles, authorities said. Chief Emmett Ballree resigned late Friday after the town conducted an internal investigation. Officials said no criminal charges would be filed in the matter." From the NEWS-ARGUS, "Mount Olive chief refused to listen to allegations Former Mount Olive police Chief Emmett Ballree won't confirm or deny allegations that he used the town's credit card to gas up one or more personal vehicles. But Mount Olive Town Manager Charles Brown said he has information to substantiate the claim that the credit card was used improperly. Brown received a report about two weeks ago that Ballree filled up a personal vehicle and paid for the gas using the town's credit card. Using the town credit card for personal use is not allowed, according to town policy. Brown investigated the allegation and addressed the issue with the Mount Olive Town Board in a closed door meeting. Ballree, 48, learned that the meeting was about the police department in general and about him specifically. So he tracked down Brown to discuss the matter further Friday. Ballree said Brown told him that some allegations had been made. Unwilling to subject himself and his family through an investigation, Ballree offered to resolve the matter by turning in his police badge." You would have to question why he turned in his badge, on the spot, the same day he learned of this, without so much as an explanation. Of course, unless he knew he was guilty and the town was going to be able to prove it! Not a bad deal. Walk away and the town does not pursue criminal charges. He got off better than Hewett on that! More from the NEWS-ARGUS, "MOUNT OLIVE - Town officials say they have a videotape substantiating claims the town's former police chief misused the town's credit card..... ...According to one town official who asked not to be identified, the town was able to substantiate the claims of credit card misuse after viewing a surveillance tape from the Handy Mart located on North Breazeale Avenue." And, it seems "like father, like son" from the NEWS-ARGUS "Chief's son charged MOUNT OLIVE -- Michael Ballree, 18, of Mount Olive has been charged with larceny of firearms. He is the son of the Mount Olive chief of police, Emmett Ballree, who has removed himself from involvement in the investigation and has requested a full investigation and review by the District Attorney's office. Michael Ballree is charged with taking four handguns from a cabinet at the police station. He is free on $2,500 bond." The similarities between Hewett and Ballree are amazing. Ballree would bring back to the Brunswick County Sheriff Department just about exactly what just left. We in Boiling Springs lakes I guess should thank David Lewis and Joan Kinney for having the foresight to bring Ballree to this town and thereby our county. We should further thank Mayor Kesmodel and council members Caster, Troscianiec, and of course Kinney for ignoring Ballree's personal use of a BSL car since he came here. After all, our county is in need of a new Sheriff and Ballree seems to fit the bill perfectly. In the larger interest of our county, they should unanimously submit Ballree for our Sheriff. This should also help heal the wounds of the Hewett supporters. They can't have Hewett back but, But Ballree would be very, very close!


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