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Ronald Is Gone: Citizens Stand Up

Goodbye Ronald: your resignation will probably insight more abuse by many to dance in glory at your demise, a fallen sheriff who once carried 70% percent of the vote For your comrades who pushed you into the arms of justice after having walked that path with you hopefully they will never be placed in a situation where they will be required to choose between the law and doing what is right if so hopefully they will be men enough to accept their responsibility and resign before burying their sudden morality into the next poor slobs back. For those of us who believe in Santa Clause hopefully we will get at least 20 resignations Or Terminations by Christmas, true justice would place them directly across the cell block from you. hopefully the message sent here is follow the law: not set the situation up to cover ones A@@, So I appeal to the citizens if we are to have true reform then lets start by purging any and all involved in this embarrassment to our county after all he did hire them, and if his judgment is that clouded then how can we have confidence in them. So please do not honor these cowards of fate, but demand and praise their demise as we have Ronald Hewetts


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