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Southern born, about Ronald Hewett

Southern born, When I search your comments what I see is an angry, uninformed little troll. When you start a post with “Where is all the Ronald Haters, I notice a a small silence as if the world suddenly stood still, A friend of mine said the deputies looked really depressed (JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION, THE DEPUTIES ARE DOING FINE AND THINGS ARE REALLY WORKING WELL AT THE BCSO), I believe you can find the reason tucked away in the NEED TO KNOW SECTION of the star news last Friday” one can only assume that you are not informed as to the workings of a Federal Grand Jury, so I simply informed you. However, I am glad that you came out and acknowledge that Ronald is not innocent, and by the way I have done my homework and trust me my mind is open. I love your statement “Ok, that’s impossible for you because you’re a police officer, that is oblivious” Wow, are you missing the mark. I could not afford the cut in pay (sorry Leo’s but I think you are underpaid) Now, when you speak of the men and women who went to Raleigh to testify you make the comment “So lets talk about justice if my boss orders me to rob a bank.. Can I cry I was worried about my job answer that one while you wiping off the egg … here’s one for you if you and your buddies had admitted to breaking the law while in Raleigh you would be up on charges as well. So I quests your bravery and honor was protected by pleading the Fifth” First of you do not have any idea if they pleaded the fifth, unless you are part of the Federal proceeding (which I doubt very seriously). None of those people have said they are not guilty of breaking some law for following Ronald’s direction, not one of them. However that being said, I also know enough to know that Ronald would have fired anyone who did not show up at one of his “work parties” and if you deny that then all I can say is you must be related to Ronald. When a federal grand jury seated and they run out of time, they can be extended or the evidence can be read into a newly seated jury and they just continue on, so your assumption that they “cannot deliberate forever and March was the deadline” is inaccurate (no surprises there). About time sheets, one simple question for you. Mr. Hewett should know what his payroll and overtime budgets where, did he not notice that there were overtime entries? Since he did not sign “timesheets”? Thank you for referring to my a@@ as sweet, that’s very kind of you, but I’m a little miffed about the “so you and your buddies are next”. Once again, you have no idea who I am, nor do I know who you are. The difference with me is I really do not care who you are. I am sure that there will be others whose doings at the BCSO will come into question, just as I am sure there will be others in the county whose dealings will come into question. So, you state that you where there when Keith Smith volunteered and begged to do the Golf Tournament. Did you stand up and say (with your vast knowledge of what is legal and what is illegal) “that is against the law”, did you speak up and say “you cannot use county money to work on a golf tournament”, did you do anything to let Ronald know he was breaking the law? Or where you afraid that you would lose you job for speaking up? Just asking. You know what Southerborn, I was not going to take the time to go watch the Federal Trials when they roll around, but after reading your posts, I would not miss it for the world. Because my dear one thing that I can assure you, perjury is still a felony and when you admit you were there when county money was being used inappropriately and you did not step to the plate (as did other officers) to report it, maybe you will be the one with the Goober hat on or an orange jumpsuit. Your closing statement “anything is better then the stinky 18, at least we know where we stand with Ronald” Yes, we have all read the affidavits and listen to those tapes. I am very sure that women and the black community know exactly where they stand with Ronald, and it’s not a pretty thing. “and if they decide to get one of us good public servants I can imagine we will have to wear mirrors on our butts to see them coming” I just hope they get a public servant who can sting together a sentence. In closing let me leave you with this; It is physically impossible to put your head up your butt, but my hat is off to you because you seem to have gotten the job done.


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