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Cotingency 14

Nerves are like finger prints of the Soul, and it would appear that your nerves do not hold up well in the face adversity, I apologies for upsetting you. I had no idea of your delicate animosity towards justice, However it would appear that you would not have all the cards on the table, I for one have yet to here you explain how breaking the law once sworn becomes excusable under any circumstance. Perhaps the fact that you yourself in your comments have wiggled in so many directions in and effort to condone the actions of all who broke the law except, (Mr. Hewett) have simply misplaced that part where you need to place your head. As far as my sentence structure goes, if it requires perfect grammar in order to be considered as having an opinion then you yourself should practice that which you preach.... So with that said I believe that all the wheels of justice will turn; I believe that Ronald is guilty and I believe that any one who breaks the law for any reason should be held accountable... I do not blame my faults on my boss and I do not follow bad orders... I take responsibility for my own actions... These are just my opinions and in no way demean yours, but since you attacked me first I apologies for reducing myself to your level "No I don’t" its just too much fun watching the stickiest in this matter squirm.....


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