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Ah, Southern Born

Wow, you used spell check! I am so proud of you I can hardly stand it. Now for your next trick we will work with Thesaurus and other neat vocabulary tricks. Before you know it Southern, you will be writing at a 6th grade level. Just look how far you have come from your first post: LOok Out: Where is all the Ronald Haters, I notice a a small silence as if the world suddenly stood still, A friend of mine said the deputies looked really depressed, I believe you can find the reason tucked away in the NEED TO KNOW SECTION of the star news last friday, " Grand Jury Returned No Indictments for Ronald Hewett" Round one Sexy REX you win Round 2 You Loose but the announcer forgot to put this on this big old TV station so that all the Ronald Haters would Not Have Egg on thier Face for this round.... Wooried.. I would be governer has ordered task force to look into the relationship between Ronald Hewetts Campaign finances and Rexs relationship to the illegal checks, Round Three Should be interesting hope they have more than what we have seen. on Ronald or we might just have to give MR. Hewett the whole county God Speed Replace him soon before we have all the facts...... Dont wait until we can do background checks on some of his co- conspirators, this is not biblical it is embarrassing.... Come on give us all the news...yeah he resigned because rex played dirty by having him susupeneded with the same information he used to convict him, meaning ronald would have to present his entire defense before the criminal trial ever started So Rex stacked the deck but he must be gettimng nervouse, because round three will be the hewett defense and a strategically resignation, he was elected which means if he is forced to resign because REX stacked the deck then could he >>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<.. Again, congratulations.


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