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Last Time

Sorry I have upset you again… I was only replying to you insult of my intelligence. I guess all your cop buddies and you had to stop giggling when you were served up the recipe… you ask for, by the way you might want to get someone to show you how to use the Dinosourious or whatever it is, it might help with the anger issues. again why don’t you show all the blogs, starting where you attacked me first for having an opinion… again you asked for the recipe I simply delivered it up with a good helping of your own kind of nastiness…. AGAIN I HAVE NEVER SAID RONALD HEWETT WAS INNOCENT, BUT YOU HAVE YET TO ANSWER THAT ONE QUESTION>>> HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY BREAKING THE LAW FOR YEARS, . What I have said is if you are going to persecute the Ex sheriff then lets serve up the same justice for the deputies involved….. Its only my opinion Here, there are a lot of good cops everywhere the ones who honor the law and protect the citizens, these cops are not afraid to stand between citizens and injustice, but to sit back and do nothing shows a particular type of cowardice and a shortness of moral fortitude… this is what I have said all along… in the face of your attacks on my grammar and sentence structure. you have your opinion I have mine. I have yet to make one negative comment about any of your opinions on an issue, but you have been diligent both in insults towards me and of my opinions.. I can only assume that judging by how low you have stooped that it would be hard to find you on a floor painted in pokey dots .. So bring on the heat , I will never accept that those stinky deputies are heroes….. And let me add its only my opinion.. yours is most welcomed…. So the next time you want a recipe surely your momma has a cabinet full that she has been serving up to you for years….. They must be good recipes, because you appear to be very intelligent…..with a very good sense of humor… Regardless of what you might think I like your responses Your non- superior in the world of sentence structures


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