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Southern Born

Dear Southern Born, You did not upset me, you amuse me. Trust me we when we read your “recipe” it only confirmed what we thought about you in the beginning. You state you never said Ronald Hewett was innocent, but your ramblings say otherwise. No law enforcement officer needs you to say “here, there are a lot of good cops” they already know that. I thought the issue was to teach you to write so that we could understand what it is you are trying to convey, I was wrong. We need to teach you to read your ramblings so that you will know what you have said, and how you came across. One other thing, never have I said that you were “You were non- superior in the world of sentence structures” you are the only one who has produced evidence of that. In closing let me address your statement " by the way you might want to get someone to show you how to use the Dinosourious or whatever it is, it might help with the anger issues” The term you are trying to address is Thesaurus. For you education a Thesaurus in not a drug, it is a writing device used to improve your vocabulary by providing you with options in the use of certain words. Please do not belittle law enforcement officers, one day you may need their help and that will be a bitter pill for you to swallow. I must revert to the age old saying “it’s hard to have a battle of the wits, with an un-armed person”.


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