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Coastal Carolina Air Show a joke

The Friday before the air show I called 254-9989 which is the number posted on the web site as the official number. I explained I had four children had purchased six tickets total and was calling to see if I could pack sandwiches for the family so I would not have to spend another $50 on cheap hotdogs and drinks... I was told that it would not be a problem,but to pack my food in a backpack because coolers were not allowed. I got to the air show on Saturday was surprised to see signs at the gate that said "No Food" and was given a choice to take my food back to my car or throw it away at the gate. How can you change the rules overnight? The only thing posted on the web or I was specifically told from management was "No Coolers". There was nothing about "No Food" on the website OR the gentleman I spoke with at 2:00 pm on Friday at the Air show office said it was NOT a problem.. So I wasted more money by not being able to eat the food I was told we could bring and still having to pay more than my monthly cell phone bill in order to feed my children. I would have revised my plans and ticket purchase options if I had of been notified correctly. Growing up as a child in Wilmington when we had the pleasure of having good air shows every once in a while.. I remember having a picnic with my parents on the airfield eating Mom's sandwiches and other homemade goodies.. I remember the Golden knights and the Coast Guard doing mock rescues and the Marines dropping from ropes in helicopters. There was also plenty to do. I remember the small remote control planes and rockets from area hobbyists, and so many planes to view and walk on. Not just a few commercialized items and a $50.00 five-minute helicopter ride or amateur stunt biker performers who dropped their motorcycles and blew out tires… (Who had no business riding the way they were as much as they were wiping out that closely to actual live people..) It has now changed... No family style picnics (so we found out Saturday after being given false information), not as many performers, and now for some reason for the past few air shows we are stuck with the Thunderbirds who although are good do not put on as good as a show as the Blue Angles... The last good air show was at least ten years ago if not longer when the Blue Angels preformed, you could bring a picnic lunch, and the Stealth bomber made a surprise flyover and there were tons of acts AND aircraft on display… Make your rules more clear online and do not give out false and inaccurate information. Also, PLEASE rotate air teams so we are not stuck with the Canadian snowbirds and then the Thunderbirds twice in a row.. The only thing this air show did besides make us upset because of the commercialization, absurdly over-priced food, extremely long lines, an even less variety of performers and the same performers as the last air show was make us happy about the drive we will make in June to New River to go and see a real air show.. Not an underachieving over-hyped, over-priced, commercialized money-maker like the rip off that we attended this weekend... The ONLY reason this year’s air show was not the worst ever was because the Canadian prop planes were not the main act.. Horrible, lacking and overpriced… Not what one is looking to spend money on in a troubled economy.. And thank you for giving me incorrect and inaccurate information about the food on Friday afternoon.. I enjoyed wasting even more money…


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