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Not a good idea

IF....they decide to allow students to carry weapons on campus, those students should first have to register with the campus police. There should also be extra yearly training. In order to get your concealed weapons permit, sure you have to take a class. But what exactly does that class prove? NOTHING. I have my permit and carry almost everywhere. But the class does nothing to prove how well you can shoot. We had to shoot at a target and follow orders, but there was no minimum score we had to reach. You just had to show that you knew how to use the gun. Those that carry should have to "qualify" with the exact weapon they will carry and maintain a minimum score, just like LEO. Personally, I am against it. I think it would cause more confusion during a crisis. It will probably take LEO that much longer to enter a building because they will have no idea who is the bad guy and who is just carrying a weapon. I also think most people will freeze at the last minute. It's easy to say you won't, but you never know how you will react until the situation arises. Plus, it's not easy to shoot at someone that is shooting back. And you missing your target could easily cause more injuries


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