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My comment has all the basis said my comment about LEO taking longer to get into a building has no basis, so exactly where did you get your information from. Every time this issue comes up its the LEO that state it's not a good idea, it was LEO that said they would have trouble determining who was the bad guy and who was the good guy, and it was LEO that stated it would take longer for them to take action. I think I would listen to LEO, since they are the ones that would enter that building, over some guy who wants to promote something. And here's something else to think about. I am on campus and there is an attact. I run towards that attck and see the attacker just inside the building. I pull out my weapon as I get ready to engage him. Just then, an LEO comes up and tells me to drop my weapon. I turn to see the officer and now I am dead. I just turned and pointed my weapon at an officer. When you are in fight or flight, you cannot tell how you are going to act. And there is no procedure for any LEO that says the offender must fire at you first. If he turns towards you and his weapon is pointed in your general direction, that officer has every right to shoot you


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