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If a citizen gets shot

I forgot to address your citizen aims gun at officer scenario. It is true that it is possible that a citizen could accidentally do something stupid in the presence of an Officer that could get him or herself shot. That type of situation is very rare, although I'm sure it probably has happened. It would be something anyone who makes the decision to carry would have to weigh in their decision to carry or not to carry. Personally I would rather take that very low risk over having no option other than to hide under a desk & wait to be shot. What we are discussing is the restoration of the freedom to choose to be armed to have the ability to defend oneself from attack by mugger, rapist, or mass shooter. Nobody would be forced to carry who does not wish to for any reason, whether that be because they don't want to take the time to do the training, or because they are worried they could accidentally point their gun at an officer, or any other reason one would decide not to carry that is open to the imagination. Remember too that concealed carry is already legal off campus, so the same type of scenario is already open to happen, this is not something new.


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