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Worded poorly

I apologize for wording it poorly. Rather than saying "FBI statistics show that most gunfights last well less than a minute" I should have said "FBI statistics show that most Police Officer involved gunfights last well less than a minute." I'm not aware of any statistics covering how long average CCW permit holder involved gun fights last. Even if they were to last twice as long (less than 2 minutes rather than less than 1 minute) the gun fight would still likely be over before the Police arrive in most cases, since the average Police arrival time in most areas is over 5 minutes from time of 911 call. In the case of Pearl Mississippi, the Vice Principle stopped the school shooter simply by aiming his gun at the shooter (which he he had run & retrieved from his own car) & was able to hold the shooter until Police arrived minutes later. In the case of Appalachian Law School two students who ran to get their guns from their cars were able to stop the shooter just by aiming their guns at him & telling him to drop his gun, after which students were able to tackle him to the ground & hold him for Police who arrived minutes later. I've named just 2 examples that ended well with armed citizens who were able to intervene with their own guns before Police could arrive. CCW carry is legal in 48 States, please name one event where your made up scenario has taken place (shooter was able to kill more people because Police were confused due to too many armed law abiding citizens at the scene).


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