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All we need

"If there is a show of more guns on campus how are you going to tell the good from the bad?" First, Adults who carry concealed weapons legally do not SHOW their sidearms. You don't even know which student has one. They don't dance like chubby checker waving a pistol around. Bad guy usually yelling, waving his stolen pistol around. Maybe a wild look in his eye. Good probability he's on crack. Starts shooting. Group A Good Guys Individual B Bad guy Your right about one thing, if you see someone not in police uniform with a gun firing at unarmed students he's the bad guy. You won't see anyone with CCP exposing their sidearm unless Individual B has an attack in progress and group A views circumstances that warrant intervention. In that case run and hide. Stay low behind professor Flatbottom. At least until they carry Individual B to the morgue or jail. Preferably the former.


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