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Legal concealed carriers are NOT THE ONES DOING THE KILLING

Over the past several years I do not recall even one instance where one of these shooting crazies that have caused murder and mayhem possessing a concealed carry permit. From years ago and the multiple murders at a McDonalds to this most recent event, not one was reported to have such a permit. Two obtain a concealed carry permit one most go through classroom training to make sure they understand the law. They then, must demonstrate a level of proficiency with their weapon on a firing range. Then, they must go through a background check conducted by the Local Sheriff's Department and the State of NC. The fact is, those that go through all the steps to acquire the permit have been well schooled, well screened, and are decent law abiding citizens. These are NOT the people to be feared. They are the people that one day may save you or one of your family members life. Acquiring a CC permit takes some time, effort, and proof of good citizenship. Obtaining a firearm however is not that difficult. The fastest and easiest way to obtain a firearm is to obtain one illegally. Those persons are the one's we should fear an those persons are the one's we should have the right to protect ourselves from. "When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns" When you restrict where a firearm may be legally carried then of course only the bad persons will be carrying them at that place. It is just that simple and the carnage is the proof of that fact.


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