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To much aggression

So I keep hearing a lot about the people that commit the crimes are not law abiding citizens. Yes, that is true, but only after their first instance of violence did these individual become criminals. For example, Seung-Hui Cho who opened fire at VT had committed no crimes before his shooting spree. Same goes for Steven Kazmierczak the shooter at N. Illinois University in Feb. of 08, and Jeffrey Weise the shooter at Red Lake High School in March of 2005. Just because someone does not have a criminal record does not mean that they are not capable of committing heinous acts. I personally do not feel that students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. I know individuals that have CC permits and honestly do not know why they were given to them in the first place. They are not stable and have no business even holding someone else’s weapon let alone owning one and carrying it with them all the time. That is not to say that these persons aren't good law abiding citizens. To address the second amendment, yes individuals should be allowed to bear arms, but there are limits. You will not be granted entrance onto a military base if you are carrying a concealed weapon that is of course unless you are a military serviceman. Will you be fighting for that right next? I do not feel that students in college have the mental stability to be able to assess a situation and determine that they should fire at another individual on a college campus. Their adrenaline and fear will overcome whatever training they have received in the two hour course they have taken to receive their CCP. Basically it is a law class that teaches you how to aim. As far as the background check is concerned, we have individuals in the FBI who go through much more extensive a background check than your local sheriff's department would ever dream of conducting committing acts of violence. For instance, Lindley DeVecchio who is being charged with consperiousee to commit murder and second degree murder for assisting in a mob hit in California in 2006. Finally, what would you do if you happened to live in a dorm room and carried a weapon? You're roommate (and this is strictly a hypothetical) is one of the "not so stable individuals" that you speak of and you just happen to forget to lock your gun safe or leave your key to your trigger lock laying out when you go to sleep one night. Are you going to feel safe knowing that same "unstable individual" now has access to your weapon, you, and an entire building of students who most of which are probably below the age of 21 and not able to carry a concealed weapon. I know I wouldn't!


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