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Like a grain of sand...

...on a mountain. While it took six months to get 27 pounds of pot off the street and tens of thousands of dollars to do it, hundreds or thousands of pounds more (and only God knows what else) are walking into the U.S. from Mexico and Canada every day. It's like fighting a fire with a spray bottle. War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Terrorism...are just feel good programs and a smoke screen created by bureaucrats to give the people a feeling that something is being done, when in reality, the problems are only getting worse. Taxes, fees, gasoline, food prices and everything else have skyrocketed while wages are stagnant and unemployment is on the rise. The very people that got us to where we are today are seeking your votes so the status quo can continue. Fascism and Socialism come to mind. The wool has been pulled over your eyes people and the rope is coming soon if you don't wake up, stand up and take a stand. If you are relying on the Democrat and Republican politicians to represent you, you've already lost.


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