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i bet you are a drunk that goes to the bar every day. then you get in your car and drive you probly never smoked one joint in your life so you dont know the effects. weed dont get you but so high. in fact you could smoke a quarter pound. keep you wits abought you not a car streight. but mabe might even mess your turn. but never wreck. unless you are just stupid. walk a streight line.ect. weed should be legal. I quit smokeing pot. not because i wanted to but bgecause i did not want to go to jail for something that should be legal.i think unless youve trieds it you should shut your mouth. every one that has tried it knows that it might make you a couch potato. rarely will you ever get in a fight. because it calms your nerves might eat like a pig. it just makes me sick when people say its the gate way drug. bull crap...tobaco and booze.. are the gate way drugs.pot is the lesser evil out there. tobaco, booze ,& pills are way worse then pot.i know what im talking abought ive tried them all. i know their effects. you people are just liveing in the ice age. wake up. stop makeing comits on something you know nothen abought....


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