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and some of you people...

...have blinders on. I appreciate the job that law enforcement officers (on the street) do at taking orders and keeping our streets and neighborhoods somewhat safe, but let's get real here. 27lbs of pot doesn't even put a dent in the local marijuana trade. The truly big dealers are probably laughing because it took six months to catch a few of their small time dummies. I'll bet these guys have already been replaced with more dummies eager to take the chance. While some of you are applauding this small time marijuana bust, you're being ripped a new one by drug manufacturers, insurance companies and for-profit doctors and hospitals that are in bed with law makers and former law makers turned lobbyist. The Alcohol, tobacco and prescription drug industries are continuing to get filthy rich by supplying this addicted society with deadly but legal products just because we tax and try to "regulate" them. Of course, our illustrious Governor Mike Easley obviously doesn't think that some laws should be enforced like illegal immigration, conflicts of interest, open records...get my drift?


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