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The People Have The Right To Know

If you care, pass it on to your friends, family or colleagues. Hillary Can Not Be Trusted - See The Facts For Yourself How Hillary Clinton lied about taking money from Lobbyist Peter Paul Lobbyist Peter Paul exposed Hillary's Fraud How Will Hillary Clinton lied about her tour in Bosnia How Hillary lied to Ohio and Texas voters - Canada Apologized Hillary Lied about NAFTA Hillary Supporting NAFTA 2 Hillary Endorsing NAFTA 3 HILLARY LIES ABOUT PREGNANT WOMAN IN CAMPAIGN STUMP SPEECH campaign stump speech HILLARY LIES ON HER EXPERIENCE & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: video # 1 video # 2 video # 3 video # 4 Hillary Clinton refuses to pay health insurance for her staff. Check it out: Hillary Clinton Got Fired For Lying: Hillary Clinton refuses to pay health insurance for her staff: How Can Hillary Be Trusted After All Those Lies? For The Sake Of Our Country Hillary Must Be Exposed Our Future is color blind. Progress is to move forward, not backward. To change the direction this country is going, we have to change Washington. To change Washington, we cannot keep going back to the same old politicians over and over again. The Clintons had their time and represent "Old Politics." Now it’s time for change; we have to move forward not backward. Senator Clinton has been saying she is experienced because of her years in Washington. Can anybody tell us what her accomplishments are - if she has any? Other than she was the First Lady; she has been in the Senate for seven years and she voted for the Iraq War? Let’s be honest here; experience does count, but experience is not all that counts. Right now as we speak, Washington is packed with politicians who have years of experienced. Look what their experienced have done for our country: Destroying our nation, Killing our children, Destroying our economy, Leading our country to a recession and make Americans the most hatred group around the world. Is experience really matter? Is that the kind of experience we want and are talking about? Remember our future is color blind and this election is not about race, gender or religion. This election is about the future of our country, restoring our economy, changing our foreign policies and preventing the country from further disaster. We should not vote out of fear or fear to vote. We should not be afraid of change; we should be afraid of the direction this country is going. The Question is: Can we really trust Hillary Clinton after all those lies, or is she just another ambitious politician whose only vision is Washington not the country? Now, your country needs you; let’s unite and save the country. Vote for change and free America from the Washington Lobbyists and Stronghold Politicians. God Bless America. What kind of message are we passing on to our children and grand children by voting Hillary? It’s ok to lie to get what we want if we can get away with it? For God Sake The People Have The Right To Know Hillary needs to be exposed for all of her made up stories. The public ought to know.


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