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It is sad that the general public cannot be included in such a historical event.. From the looks of the Coast Guard jetting around on the river and their attitude to begin with, I'm scared to take my boat anywhere near it. (That is if they have not closed the channel yet....) I was out Sunday morning with my wife and little girl and drove by the port and as usual the Caost Guard (which I am VERY thankful for) was manning security at the ports. Beiung thankful on both trips by, we gave a short wave to the helmsmen. No wave back.. I guess things sure are serious at the ports... Sunny Point has less external security than the ports do, (The East coast's largest ammo depot) Yet my children cannot see the comissioning of a submarine... What a joke.. I too, am so glad that my tax dollars are paying for something that I am not privy to...


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